It is clearly noticeable that Asco Motors has been providing the motoring public of Tonga with the best possible products and services they can get, welcome to Asco Motors Tonga I am Stan Moheloa CEO.
The products we sell are well supported by our after sales parts and services Departments and we are committed to delivering quality and safety in everything we do. At Asco we are also committed to Customer Satisfaction as well as our employees for they are the ones that turn the wheels of our business.Our technicians benefit from world class training provided by Toyota which keeps them up to date with changes to the Toyota products and technologies. To date, two of our technicians have accomplished the Toyota Motor Corporation Diagnosis Master Technician Award, which is a passport for any technician to work at any Toyota dealership in the world. Asco Motors was also awarded by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) the 2010 TOYOTA Marketing Award for Excellence in recognition of outstanding performance.The products and services we provide at Asco aid us in achieving Number one Market share in the Kingdom and throughout the  South Pacific. We invite you to visit any of our branches today and we promise to give you an experience you’ll never forget!
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